10 Amazing Long Nail Ideas 2020

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Long Nail Ideas 2020 valentines – When it comes to nails, a lot of women are passionate about making them beautiful. Whether you like to keep your nails short or you are a long nails lady, there are plenty of long nail designs that are so beautiful and chic that they would tempt you to grow your nails just to try those designs.

There are a lot of long nail ideas that you can try on your nails, regardless of their length. Even trying a design in new colors will give your nails a completely different look and most of the designs that are used on longer nails can also be used on shorter nails as well. So, if you are growing your nails out and they have not reached your desired length, you can still try some of the design ideas that we are going to mention in this guide. Or you can use long artificial nails that you can easily take off and put on whenever you want.

Decorate And Paint Your Long Nails

The most enjoyable part of having long nails is being able to decorate and paint them so that they match what you are wearing. Though women use colors (aka makeup) on their faces, using colors on nails (aka nail paint) gives you more liberty to use them in whatever way or design you want to create. In simple words, they are like small plain canvasses.

You can have your nails all painted in the same color to match your clothing, or if you want to keep them more simple, then you can go for a design that flaunts an accent nail. If you like to glam your things, then put gems on your nails to enhance the design. You could put an accent gem on your nails or a series of gems to take the design to the next level. Thus you can do whatever design you like on your nails.

We have a lot of nail designs ideas for you that are pretty simple to create, and there are some designs that you will find intricate but don’t worry, a bit of practice will make you perfect. So don’t give up if you don’t have more money to go to a professional for a design. Just try making them again and again. In general, the longer nails you have, the easier it is to create more detailed designs. We have gathered designs for both square nails and rounded nails. Some designs look better on rounded nails while others look cooler on square nails.

So without further ado, let’s get to some long nail art designs so that you can try them on your next manicure. These nail design will fit on both natural and artificial long nails.

1: Acrylic long nail ideas

Acrylic long nail ideas 2020
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Acrylic long nails are very common and are all over the internet. If you want to have them and don’t know what to choose that will look good with everything you wear, then we can help you to select. All you have to do for this style is to mix a solid color with a glitter color within a similar shade.

For ladies who want to keep things subtle, then beige is the perfect candidate. Use this ILNP Sandy Baby and a similar color without glitter. Apply the glitter one on three fingers of your choice and use the simple shade on the rest of the two. Women who like bold color can use this In my element by Essie.

2: Black long nail ideas

Black long nail ideas

Anyone can look good in black nails, and when black is accented with gold, then they create a great look together. In this design, you have to paint your nails using a black polish that does not shine. Here is Lavany Black Nail Polish Matte Dull that you can apply. After using this nail polish, let it dry completely and then paint the tips in gold.

This is a great idea that works for longer nails because the longer your nails are, the more gold paint you will be able to apply on their tips. Moreover, this design gives a very elegant and sophisticated look.

3: Cute long nail ideas

Cute long nail ideas

All girls want to have cute nails, especially young girls who don’t want to go out with dark nail shades. You can apply this OPI Nail Lacquer, bubble bath as your base coat, then draw cute little flowers of different sizes at the tips of your nail with different colors of your choice, or you can simply use one color. After that, put a drop of golden nail paint in the middle of these flowers. Let it dry for a good couple of minutes and then finish it off with a top coat to secure the design and add a little shine to nails.

4: Coffin long nail ideas

Coffin long nail ideas

If you like the aquamarine color, then you are in the right place. This is one of our best designs for the long nails that you will find on the internet. We have named it aquamarine Coffin Nails with rainbow sparkle accents. This design has a different accent on different fingers.

To implement the design, you have to apply aquamarine color nail polish on your index finger, apply the same on little finger and thumb but on little finger apply a clear coat that has a rainbow glitter shine in it. On thumbnails, apply the one that has a silver shine in it. On the middle finger, apply aquamarine glitter and on ring finger apply silver glitter on top and aquamarine glitter on the base and secure everything with a topcoat. You can use ILNP Aquamarine Ultra Holographic Nail Polish and Aquamarine by Mia Secret Professional.

5: Fall long nail ideas

Fall is not restricted to the season. Women with excellent fashion sense also incorporate fall designs to what they wear. If you are a person who thinks fall designs are boring, then you might be wrong.

We have this beautiful fall long nail idea for you that you can try and get praise from everybody around you. Apply this elegant Essie nail color named Ballet slippers as your base color and draw leaves with a small paintbrush with black color. Fill the leaves with any brown and teal color nail polish, and after it dries top everything with a clear coat.

6: Pretty long nail ideas

Pretty long nail ideas

Floral designs always remain in the limelight. They give pleasant vibes wherever we use them. You can make flowers on your nails like a floral painting whenever you want to have a pretty design on your nails.

For this idea, you can combine light blue, pink, and yellow color to draw effortless floral designs for a winning combination. Try to make flowers of different sizes and use silver nail polish dots as the center of flowers. To glam up, you can apply these beautiful butterflies to your nails with a nail adhesive.

7: Red long nail ideas

Who does not like red nail polish? They are elegant, sexy, and bold all at the same time and can be worn at any function, especially in the evenings. To give your nails a different look, try this Essie nail polish named Bed Rock & Roll with a glossy, shiny finish.

Apply this on your nails, except the ring fingers. Let the nail paint dry and apply red glitter on your thumbnails and finish it off with a top coat so that glitter doesn’t get off. On your ring finger that you have left naked, apply a base coat, and draw a red flower, let it dry and apply top coat on it as well.

8: Simple long nail ideas

Sometimes, the best nail design that you can choose could be a simple design that does not have many flairs. Here we have an idea for you that you can go out with at any place or occasion and even to your workplace.

All you have to do is apply a base coat then apply a neutral tan color with even strokes and let it set. You can use a topcoat too if you want nail paint to last longer. You can also make some line patterns with either white or black nail polish on one of the nails to have an accent nail complementing the others. 

9: White long nail ideas

The white color never goes out of trend because it can get along with every piece of cloth you wear. On days when you want to try white nail paint, you can simply apply two coats of this white Essie zip me up gel couture color to your bare nails, then allow it to dry and then finish it with one coat of gel couture top coat.

On days when you want to add a little color to your white nails, you can add a few light strokes or smudges of the colors of your choice. This will give a soft and subtle look to your nails.

10: Yellow long nail ideas

Yellow long nail ideas

Yellow is a bright and cheerful color and can lift your spirits while keeping you optimistic. You could do a lot with yellow nails; you can make them bold, subtle, and creative whatever you wish.

Apply this AIFAIFA Yellow Nail Polish and make sunflowers on your middle fingernails and polka dots pattern on your little finger both with black color. Do a little bit shading to the flower to add more depth to the design. On your thumbnails tips, make a simple and elegant bow design. Top it off with glossy clear nail paint, and you got your stylish nails done.

So, which one is your pick?

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