5 Step Plan for Permanent Weight Loss

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If you have had trouble continuing with your  permanent weight loss plan  and finally getting that slim body and the confidence that it entails, you may have missed an important step along the way.

When all else fails, it may not be the actual program that is causing you problems, but in  reality it may be your focus.

So, if you find yourself in a situation where you keep losing the bulge battle, you should not give up   . But neither should you continue doing the same things you did or you will arrive at the same place where you were.

If you continue with the greatest dedication and discipline, you will eventually find what works and achieve the results for which you have been working so hard.

Here are some steps you can take to start your weight loss journey from a different perspective. You will definitely see the results you want if you follow it and adhere to the program …

1. Accept permanent weight loss as a lifestyle change

The first thing you should do is accept that achieving that body that causes people to stop and look in amazement requires that they change their entire lifestyle. If you think you are a victim of a  slow metabolism  , you must think again. First stop and consider how you gained the weight in the first place. Analyze your complete lifestyle, not just your eating habits.

Do you work in an active job or do you sit on your butt most of the day? Do you regularly participate in sports activities or do you prefer non-strenuous extracurricular activities?

Do you eat out most of the week or are you  eating healthy meals  and including your whole family? Do you prefer an ice cold glass of spring water with lemon or are you drinking soda with sugar in your meals?

And your social life? Would you rather have some beers with your friends or maybe a wine tasting with your girls? Are they videogames after work or surf the web?

The point is this:  whatever type of lifestyle you have, you must first analyze it and then make the necessary changes to accommodate your new weight. The key is to make changes, so you must take action.

2. Face the REAL facts

After having accepted the fact that your current lifestyle will not take you where you want to go, you must face the facts; LITERALLY! The best thing you could do is take a picture with your current weight. I know, it’s something difficult to do, but if you really want to lose weight, you must face reality.

This is no different from trying to get out of debt. When you are in a financial mess, the first thing you should do is collect all your bills and debts and add them up. And then face that number! It’s a real slap in the face, but it’s the only way to get serious and take action.

Then take some photos of yourself from all angles and analyze them. The first set will be the most difficult but it will be easier. Be sure to take pictures at least once a month, but every two weeks is even better. In this way, you can track your progress and, when you see how far you have come, you will remain motivated to continue.

Another great thing about keeping a photo diary of your weight loss journey is that you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t. The test will be there before your eyes since the images do not lie.

3. Set specific objectives not related to weight

Well, you probably know that it is much easier to achieve something when you have set goals you want to achieve. And the more specific your goals are, the better. But the worst thing you can do is set specific weight-related goals, such as losing 20 pounds in a month. What is even better is to focus on objectives that can be measured in a different sense. These objectives should be part of the process.

For example, you can focus on objectives such as the following:

  • Fit in jeans of particular size
  • Lose a specific amount of inches around your waist
  • Lose a specific amount of inches around your hips
  • Comply with your meal plan 6 days a week with 1 day off
  • Weight training in the gym 5 days a week
  • Do cardio first thing in the morning 5 days a week

You see, these are action objectives not related to weight that will take you to the best shape of your life. So, when you lose a few inches from your waist, there is no way you won’t lose weight along with it. And if your goal was to get to the gym 5 days this week, then you will be on the right track to lose those centimeters around your waist.

4. Focus on the final result

After you have set your goals, you now want to print them in your subconscious mind. This requires that you practice a different form of exercise; mental exercise It should take at least 15 minutes of your day and  visualize your goals  . Make your mental movies as real as you can. This will tell your subconscious where to guide you in your efforts and give you the confidence you need to get there.

All great athletes practice some kind of visualization exercise for their sport. They see themselves acting perfectly and winning their game or game. And then, when it’s real, your subconscious mind will think that you have already completed the task and your body will perform accordingly.

So look at yourself by easily getting into those jeans that you couldn’t fit in for years. Notice how easily you adjust your belt 4 notches down from what you normally do. And last but not least, look in front of a mirror looking at the body you’ve always wanted!

5. Create a sensible weight loss plan

Now, after having established your goals and created the ultimate mindset, it is time to create a sensible action plan. However, you should realize that there is a healthy way to do it and there is an unhealthy way.

What you will want to do is focus again on the first point of this article that is making positive lifestyle changes. This means that you observe things in the long term and not only in the coming months. So this means that there will be no more “90-day challenges” or anything like that that announces the term “rapid weight loss.” These kinds of popular challenges are the best way to prepare for defeat, since almost everyone will at some time resort to their old habits once the challenge is over.

Remember, think  “lifestyle change”  and not  “quick change  . ” Therefore, start creating a new balanced habits plan that adheres to each week indefinitely. Slow and steady will always win the race, especially in the fat loss game.

Your action plan should include both a healthy eating structure and a training structure. Note that I used the term “structure.” This means that you are creating a daily plan that you can meet in the long term. This will be your new lifestyle that includes daily healthy eating habits and also a daily exercise program.

Believe me, you will feel amazing when you look in the mirror and see that sexy stomach or marked abs. And that may be your “permanent.” All you have to do is keep your plan.

Your plan is working, now your plan works!

So there you have it:  an  amazing 5-step plan that  will lead you to  permanent weight loss  once and for all. And the best part is that you can start today. None of the steps I described above will cost you a penny. Not even the training part because if you can’t afford to go to a gym, you can always do bodyweight exercises at home and walk for cardio.

So don’t delay … Get up and get going!

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