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99 cent store trade and manufacture of fruit jelly Candy since January 1999, Fruit Jelly is a family-owned microenterprise rganic products are simple desserts to make and keep well. The sugar used to make natural products glues makes it possible to prolong the protection of organic products by preventing the improvement of microscopic organisms. The glue of organic products should be made hot, natural products are crushed and cooked with sugar until they dry, losing some of their water when it disappears. The tails of organic products are, in this way, cooked and sweet items. They are extremely nutritious and caloric.

Ideally, choose a great solid and ready natural product. Wash them and cut them into pieces, after ejecting seeds or bones. Blend them in a blender, a robot or a potato masher or with a vegetable juice extractor. Scissors, apples, apricots and plums give phenomenal results.

Organic product tails (figs) with a vertical juice extractor. This vertical juice extractor is equipped to separate squeezed from natural products and mash. Here the seedless mash, harvested from new figs.

Tails of natural products: for the most part they are made with the mixture of food grown from the ground. They can be organized from the organic product itself (quince, apple …) or with the accumulation of the availability of natural products jams.

Try not to stop mixing the arrangement during cooking to prevent the mixture from caramelizing. It should thicken and fall down the sides and base of the container.

Spread the mixture after heating, in a layer about two centimeters thick on a huge plate or fill the cells with a mold with small pieces of silicone. Let cool to room temperature (not in the refrigerator). The next day, turn the dough and let it dry for 2 to 3 days. Cut into segments of 2 to 3 cm thick, in precious stones with a blade, in cuts using a shot glass shot or with a cut in your preferred theme. Roll the purchased pieces in granulated sugar. Let them dry for another day outdoors.

tails of 99 cent store fruit jelly Candy products (peaches).

The glues of organic products can be stored level, ideally in metal boxes, in superimposed layers, insulated by paraffin paper or material. Close the box tightly and keep it in a cool place.

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