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Do you have a cute dog? Pet dogs are the most beloved animals, and their faithfulness attracts everyone’s affection and care. As a dog owner, you would want to train him in the best possible way, so he doesn’t keep bad habits, like needless barking.

To address the above-said need, a former dog trainer has introduced this dog training device — Barx Buddy device. It creates the sound of very high pitch whistles, which is only audible to dogs, and humans can’t hear it. This device acts as a training tool for dog owners; the high pitch whistle warns the dog and conscious him. When he gets conscious, his attention gets shifted and eventually stop misbehaving.

Features Of Barx Buddy Device

  • Ultrasonic Sound:

Barx Buddy Device is specially designed to train dogs and to sojourn their unwanted barking habit. Here are some features of this device;

Barx Buddy Device is designed to produce a high pitched sound which is unpleasant for dogs and act as a warning to them. This sound is only distinct to dogs, and humans can’t hear this sound due to very high frequency. The high pitched sound helps to control the bad habits of dogs like excess barking and to chew stuff like shoes, etc.

  • Flashlight:

Barx Buddy Device is equipped with a very bright flashlight, which is very helpful at night time. If you go on a walk at night time with your dog, you can use the flashlight with a switch button if it is dark out there. 

  • Harmless Device For Dogs And Owners:

In case you are wondering whether the Barx Buddy device is risk-free or not, you have good news. It is completely harmless to use and works perfectly for dogs. The unpleasant sound is only sensible to dogs, and humans can’t hear the sound. Even the dogs don’t get affected physically or mentally by the sound in any way other than quitting their unwanted habits. 

Barx Buddy device is completely animal-friendly and doesn’t harm them in any way.

Pros And Cons Of Barx Buddy Device                     

Barx Buddy device is a great tool to train your dog at a minimal cost. Taking your dog to the pet training classes can be an expensive idea. Barx Buddy device can do the same job at your house. To help you understand the worth of the Barx Buddy device, let’s explore its pros and cons.


  • Ease Of Use

Probably the best benefit of this dog training device is that it is very easy to carry around, and ease of use. Whenever your dog is showing annoying behavior, all you need is to pull out this device and push the ultrasonic sound button. Anyone can use this device. It fits in your pocket, and you can take it wherever you want.

  • Works For All Breeds

If you are hesitant of this device and thinking that it might not work on your dog’s breed then, you’re thinking wrong! One of the benefits of this device is that it is proven to work for almost every breed.

Almost every kind of dog breed shows the same behavior when we talk about excess barking, so it operates pretty much the same and effective for every type of breed.

  • Non-Violent Instrument For Pet Training

The dog is the most beloved animal, and being a dog owner; you can’t bear any kind of violence on your dog. There are many training ways which involve strict behavior towards dogs, but you can’t consider those training ways. Barx Buddy device is a non-violent instrument for your dog training, and you will observe no harm on your pet.

This pet training instrument is designed to make sure your dog doesn’t have to bear any harm or violence but still giving you the best results.

  • Recommended By Dog Trainers

Many first dog trainers have approved the use of this device to train your dog. You can use it in your daily life routine to train your dog.


  • Only Available Online
  • prize is high
  • your product comes from China No idea when the product came to you

Well, it is up to you if you consider it a downside or not. Barx Buddy device is only available online to purchase. But isn’t it great that you can have it delivered right at your doorstep?

How Long Does Barx Buddy Device Take To Show Effective Results?

Although, to some, it works like a magic wand, which shows prompt results. If you want to achieve long-term and effective results, patience is the key. Some factors are also taken into consideration, like the breed and age of the dog.

Some breeds show prompt results, and they quit excessive barking habits. Age is another critical factor. Dogs of older age take a long time to quit undesired habits due to the old habit. Young dogs are quicker to show signs of improvement because of their ability to adopt new changes as compared to older dogs.

When you start using this device, you may observe no reaction from the dogs, but as you start using it regularly on their unwanted movements, they will start observing a pattern of warning. The dogs will act accordingly and quit unwanted habits. Some people have said that after regular use, just as they show them the device, they stopped their annoying behavior.

Final Words

After an unremitting struggle of training your dog, you might be fed up with his behavior. Before you jump into the idea of putting your dog in training classes, you should consider the Barx Buddy device. It has served the purpose for every dog owner who has used it. It doesn’t cause any harm to your dog and also easy to use. So, you can give it a chance and see if this works for you the same way it worked for others. You can save yourself a lot of cash which you otherwise would spend in dog training classes. So use this pet training device for training your dog.

Don’t forget to share your experience with us, we hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Placed my order on Oct 25th and haven’t received a shipping date as of Dec 19th. Order #188479.
    Please advise or cancel

  2. I also ordered this, Have not received it, and when I try to contact by email, I get a reply that my email is rejected.
    What’s going on?

  3. I just ordered today, but now reading some of these reviews it looks like it will not be here by Christmas and the site I ordered it from said this is one of the best gifts for Christmas making you think it will be here by then. My order ID # is 278230. I really need this by Christmas otherwise I don’t need it.

  4. I, just received my barx buddy. My problem is that the sliding lid will not close over the battery. Dose anyone know why or is it broken ?

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