Blade 720 Drone Review: Ready to fly

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Blade 720 Drone – Drone cameras are relatively new in the photography & videography industry. They have been quite popular in some recent years. Because of their huge benefits, they have become essential equipment in the commercial photography & videography industry. They offer magnificent pictures, videos, and bird-eye views. Blade 720 drone camera is brilliant equipment that can be regarded as an exceptional inclusion to your photography & videography gear.

An Overview: Blade 720 HD Drone Camera

Whether you are looking for a professional solution for your commercial photography & videography or just want to do some fun with a drone camera, Blade 720 is the right choice. It offers a full range of video and photo solutions. Rather than buying expansive and sensitive drone cameras, Blade 720 is a better choice. It is strongly built and helps you to upgrade your photography & videography skills, quality, and performance.

Video and photos captured with drone cameras offer a different vibe and attract more people. You can shoot altogether different angles and perspectives with a drone camera that no other photo or video equipment offers.

Every professional or beginner photographer wants to buy a drone camera; the issue is they’re high in demand and expensive as well. Most people struggle to find a cheap and good quality drone camera but fail to do so. Either they found a very low-quality drone camera at a low price or the quality is good but has a high price as well. So, most of them leave the idea of having a drone camera. With Blade 720 HD drone camera now available in the market, they don’t have a reason not to buy one. So far, Blade 720 HD drone camera is the cheapest yet high-quality drone camera you can find in the market. From its build to footage quality, everything is likeable about this drone camera.

What Makes It A High-Class Drone Camera?

You can fly it like a professional and get high-quality, stable footage, selfie, and pictures from it. The best thing about this drone camera is that it is easy to fly & control and everyone can use it with a little to no practice. Not only does it allow you to record footage and capture pictures, but you can also live-stream the video on your mobile phone. You’ll be able to see the real-time footage so you can control it perfectly. Its wide-angle 720p camera allows capturing very good quality photos, videos, or cinematic videos.  Using one-key features, you can easily control this drone camera. The one-key takeoff and landing buttons make it easy to fly and land.

Let’s look into its wide range of features which makes it special equipment for photography & videography enthusiasts.


It has a foldable design. The propellers are the most sensitive part of a drone camera. Blade 720 drone camera is designed in a way that allows you to fold its propellers inwards, making it easy and safe to carry around.

Control via your phone

It enables you to control the drone easily. It can be connected to your smartphone whether you have an A0ndroid or IOS, you can use its app to connect via Wi-Fi.

Lock altitude

It is important to control the drone at a steady speed and altitude if you want to take extra-ordinary footage. Blade 720 HD drone camera can be locked at an altitude and speed to take brilliant footage.

3D Virtual Reality mode

You can control your drone easily and efficiently using the Virtual Reality kit and joystick embedded on the controller.

Practical design

A great amount of effort and resources has been put into its design. It has minimal & practical design elements so it can serve its primary purposes efficiently.

Panorama mode

You can utilize the panorama mode to capture brilliant 360-degree footage.

Long-lasting battery

It has a powerful battery, and you can operate it for longer intervals of time.

Great quality footage

It gives 720p HD quality videos, amazing pictures, and selfies as well.

How to Use This Drone?

There’s nothing difficult about using or flying this drone. You can take it anywhere you are going and then fly it as until its battery lasts. You just need to take it out of the box, unfold its propellers, power on, connect with your smartphone, mount your smartphone on the controller, and start flying it. As you fly the drone, you can see the real-time footage of the drone camera on your mobile phone.

If you’re worried about colliding it with anything in the air, then you don’t need to worry about this. It has anti-collision sensors inside it which help to detect anything in its range and alert you about the obstruction. 

After a little use, you’ll be able to control it efficiently and precisely. It takes only 2-3 flights to become really good at flying and capturing amazing quality footage with Blade 720 HD drone camera.

Blade 720 app is available on the internet both for IOS and Android. You need to download the app from the play store or apple store and then connect your smartphone and drone camera through the app.

It is brilliant and very easy to use, thanks to its one-touch features. With only a single button you can make it fly and when you have finished your footage, press the return button, and it will land safely in front of you.

Final Thoughts

Blaze 720 HD drone camera is a cheap yet high-quality drone camera available in the market. Most of the drone cameras that you’ll find on the internet or markets are either very expensive or cheap quality. Blaze 720 HD drone camera is affordable for both beginners and professional photographers and videographers. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a drone camera to capture photos or cinematic videos, Blaze 720 HD drone camera serves all kinds of purposes.

If you want to own a good quality drone camera at a low price, then get this one.

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