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The ingredients in Celaxryn RX that make up the potent natural male enhancement formula are NOT available in retail stores. For years ATCLabs has been helping men increase their erection rigidity and size.

A lot of male enhancement products have proliferated in the internet. And that clearly substantiates the fact that a lot of men are looking for solutions for their problems in sex life.

Now, you may be one of those having such trouble since you are also reading this. You may not be entirely pleased with your current condition and want to please your partner more. You may have been also enticed with the promises of products like Celaxryn RX, Vigrx plus and so on… which are some of the most popular products to address male problems.

We never run out of inquiries related to this brand, Celaxryn RX. So, in response to a lot of emails, our group of reviewers made a comprehensive assessment on this product.

 Claimed Benefits

Celaxryn RX, as posted in its official website, boasts of the following benefits:

  • ☻Enhanced sexual energy and libido
  • ☻Increased orgasm and stronger erection
  • ☻Important ingredients 15 times their potent power
  • ☻Instant and lasting effects
  • ☻100% money-back guarantee

Problems With The Ingredients

Celaxryn RX ProblemsCelaxryn RX does contain ingredients which could enhance a man’s sexual energy and libido. However, it is frustrating to note that the said effects are merely short-term. It does not even enlarge the size and girth of your manhood, as some looks forward to have.

As to the assertion that Celaxryn RX obtained its vital ingredients which are 15 times their potent power, no scientific or clinical studies are ever mentioned to validate this claim.

The precise amount of ingredients contained in Celaxryn RX is not specified. Though the names of ingredients are indicated and some of it is proven helpful, its quantity must also be mentioned. It is a prevalent practice, however, for manufacturers of supplements not to specify the exact quantity of ingredients so as to eliminate possible market rivalry.

Personally, I have my qualms in using Celaxryn RX due to its Yohimbe content. Yohimbe has already been prohibited in some countries because of its possible dangers it may inflict to one’s health.

In order to experience its benefits, it must be administered in accurate dose. But, there’s only a thin line which separates between what is effective and what is harmful. Just a slight overdose of Yohimbe, as stated in Wikipedia, may cause a number of adverse effects like hypertension, insomnia or sleeplessness, increased heart rate and over-stimulation.

As for the general feedback and reviews among its consumers, I found out that a lot of users are also dissatisfied with Celaxryn RX. It only garnered a rating of two stars in Amazon. A few have found it ineffective or no result at all. Some, however, complained about negative side effects upon using it.

Conclusions & Recommendations

Celaxryn RX WarningIn conclusion, Celaxryn RX is not worth spending time and money with. It turned out to be just one of those vain and inept products offered in the market today. I would not endorse this to anyone. The good thing is that its production has already been put to an end.

What better option can we give you then? Try VigRx Plus. You can check user reviews on it and you will be encouraged by the positive comments posted by its consumers. It is proven to be very effective in providing you with the results you need. VigRx Plus will definitively increase your sexual energy, endurance, performance and even some increases on size are confirmed.

The price will, of course be higher, but you get what you pay for and for the results you get, it is well woth it!!!

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