Fittrack Scale Reviews – A Smart Body Mass Index Scale

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The concept of smart scale is more comprehensive than to keep track of your body weight. The readings on the scale let you observe your muscle gain, problems like bone loss and maintain your health milestones. All the data is synced with your smartphone’s app.

More than 80 per cent of the people fail to keep up with their health milestones to achieve the desired health goal. Due to the reason that they do not have any way to observe their progress. Here comes the Fittrack Scale, which is an effective yet simple scaling solution, a smartphone app to keep you motivated.

It tacks and monitors and shows you all the health progress bit by bit that you have achieved. It has 17 different health measurements scales to keep a thorough track of your body vitals which are really easy to understand.

Why Do You Need Smart BMI Scale?

 It is not only about measuring your body weight. There are a lot more concepts like body water volume, muscle mass percentage, body fat percentage and more. A smart BMI scale solution keeps track of all these measurements and tracks your goals by plotting your daily progress on your smartphone’s application. Multiple users can set up their profiles in BMI scaling device, and it maintains distinct profiles data efficiently and privately. The scales use electrical signals to measure all the details precisely and very safely.

How does it Work?

 When you stand on the scale of FitTrack, a mild electrical signal is passed from the electrodes to your feet. This signal travels through your body muscle tissues, and when it passes through your fat, it faces the resistance.

The signal records the data and feeds it to FitTrack equations which are scientifically and mathematically validated. The calculation through those equations on body composition measurements is delivered to your smartphone’s app to show you the complete and precise progress of your body.

Benefits of Fittrack Scale

  • Fittrack Scale tracks 17 distinct health measurements of your body.
  • You can reach your fitness milestones 8x faster
  • It supports up to 8 users per device
  • Gender selection option
  • Multiple weight units support
  • Auto On/Off
  • Made for all types of body
  • Charts and data provided is very easy to read
  • Keeps you determined and motivated
  • Body type-specific reading
  • Measures as per Body Mass Index
  • Family Friendly
  • It syncs the data with both iOS and Android
  • A high precision sensor system

It does not only measure weight but also the following:

  • Muscle mass percentage
  • Body water volume
  • Body fat percentage
  • Bone Mass of Body
  • Metabolic age calculation
  • Skeletal Muscle
  • Protein measurements
  • Precautionary and Safety Measures

 There are certain precautionary measures before using FitTrack BMI scale, which you must follow:

Precautionary Measures:

  • FitTrack Scale is a very precise measurement device. You are advised never to stomp or jump on its scale.
  • Do not disassemble it
  • Handle the scale gently to avoid causing any damage
  • Use even surface to place your scale and wait about 15 seconds to set it up before stepping on the scale. If you move the scale from one place to another, then take the same precautionary measure as well.
  • Take your measurements at the same time daily to make measurements more precise
  • If unfortunately, the device is damaged somehow then it is strictly advised not to use it to avoid wrong measurements and injuries
  • Check the batteries of the device regularly and change them if needed
  • Remove batteries when you are moving or not using the scale and place the batteries in the dry environment
  • Protect your batteries from heat, moisture, dust lint and direct sunlight
  • Do not put any heavy object on the scale
  • If you are allergic to plastic, then it is advised not to use.

Safety Measure:

  • Use the device with your barefoot because the device cannot calculate all the measurements of your body if you are wearing socks or shoes
  • Dry your feet before using the device for the weighing measurements
  • Use the stable and soft surface for the accuracy and precision of the measurement readings
  • You should not try to make measurements of any medical conditions. The scale does not treat even diagnose any disease
  • If you are on any other medical device, then you are advised not to rely on the data measured by the scale
  • You must keep in mind that FitTrack BMI Scale does not replace any other licensed medical device it just helps you to achieve your health goal faster.
  • The scale is not waterproof; keep it away from water. Use a glass cleaner to clear up the scale’s surface. Do not use any detergents or other chemicals.


 More than 120,000 users are using FitTrack scale, and they are delighted with the performance of the product. As per users’ reviews, it has proven to be a great motivational tool. It does not indicate the overweight alerts, but it keeps you healthy by reporting your overall health statistics.

You can activate a new feather that supports infants as well. As they grow up, the device can measure the important health stats to help your little ones grow healthier and keep your whole family healthy.

Gym coaches can also use FitTrack scale to improve their support and respond individually to members. It guarantees the studio operators, coaches, and trainers the simpler processes with maximum flexibility.


The mission of this project is to provide you with an ecosystem to help them maintain the wellbeing, healthy and positive relationship with your body.

Wrap Up

 Fittrack Scale, a smart BMI scale is a complete ecosystem that provides all the stats about your health journey. It allows you to keep a thorough track metrics that are important for the progress of your health. The scale is fully automatic and enables a detailed overview of training progress. It provides the operator with valuable and important data to take necessary steps towards his health.

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