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Keto Pro Plus  is a very popular pharmaceutical-grade fat loss supplement that is manufactured in a California-approved FDA-approved facility, ensuring that consumers receive the most optimal quality of their products.

As there are different laws in different countries, to comply with local laws, Keto Pro Plus manufacturers have had to manufacture two different versions of this highly effective fat burner. The first is the original version of Keto Pro Plus, while the second is a special formulation of Keto Pro Plus EU, which is mainly shipped to South Africa, New Zealand and EU countries.

 Original Keto Pro Plus Ingredients

The original version of Keto Pro Plus is a highly potent 800 mg tablet that is made with powerful ingredients to reduce appetite and burn fat. The following are the five important ingredients found in the original Keto Pro Plus, along with a brief description of each of the functionalities of the ingredients in simple language:

Calcium  : Although it may sound a bit confusing why an ingredient such as calcium (in its natural form) is included in a weight loss supplement to burn fat, an exhaustive study will make you realize that calcium is really a carrier of All important minerals. Calcium functions as a transport agent for all important nutrients and minerals throughout the human body and its inclusion in a powerful fat burner ensures that the ingredients contained in it are effectively distributed throughout the body, precisely in the areas where More are needed.

L-Carnitine  : This natural ingredient is responsible for breaking down fat chains within the body, which facilitates the smooth conversion of body fat into energy. L-carnitine also plays a critical role in improving muscle tone and increasing cellular activity, which in turn leads to the burning of additional energy and a general improvement in fat burning activity within the body.

1,3 – Dimethylpentylamine Hydrochloride  – This is an ingredient

which replaces Epehdra. Its main function is to improve its levels of cyclic AMP to increase its energy levels naturally and also increase the body’s natural thermogenic action, which leads to an improved metabolism and an improved calorie burn rate. Although this ingredient can be technically classified as a natural ingredient due to the fact that it is present in geranium oil, it is generally listed as a synthetic ingredient, for common purposes. It is interesting to note that 1,3-dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride is popularly known as a party medicine in New Zealand and, therefore, Keto Pro Plus manufacturers do not ship the supplement in its original form to New Zealand (due to this ingredient) . Further,

1,3,7 trimethylxanthine  : a type of synthetic ingredient, this is a competitive inhibitor of cyclic AMP, which allows the effective functioning of AMP C. It is also perceived as a fantastic stimulant that naturally increases the fat burning process and levels of energy inside the body. It can be technically considered as a natural ingredient despite being defined as synthetic.

Capsaicin – 1.12- Listed as a natural ingredient, capsaicin – 1.12 is a highly concentrated version of normal capsaicin that is present as a burning ingredient commonly found in chili. The function of capsaicin is to increase the thermogenesis of the body, thus facilitating the rapid burning of calories. Keep in mind that the capsaicin included in this type of tablet formulation does not produce any type of gastric burns or irritation that is normally experienced in case of consumption of chili. It is notable to note that capsaicin itself can burn about 270 additional calories inside the human body every day. Capsaicin has been in use for a long time in its natural form (in chili peppers).

Long Jack Tongkat Ali- A natural ingredient Long Jack Tongkat Ali is the name given to DHEA on Keto Pro Plus, to be legally imported in South Africa and Australia. Most websites list this ingredient as sympathomimetic amine. Tongkat Ali improves the production of testosterone within the human body, which increases the metabolism naturally and reduces the body’s natural ability to store fat. It is the drop in testosterone levels that commonly leads to rapid aging, decreased ability to burn fat and a reduced metabolism rate. Men usually have higher amounts of testosterone compared to women. It is the main hormone responsible for libido. Since men already have good amounts of testosterone inside their bodies,

Keto Pro Plus ingredients

As mentioned earlier, the Keto Pro Plus version of the EU is mainly shipped to South Africa, New Zealand and countries that belong to the European Union. Keto Pro Plus was modified slightly (without losing any of its benefits) and a minor change was made in its ingredients to comply with local laws in the countries mentioned above. Tongkat Ali and 1,3-dimethylpentylamine hydrochloride had to be excluded from the formulation. Those two ingredients were replaced by the following two new ingredients:

Alpha-lipoic acid  : also popularly known as lipoic acid or ALA, this is a fatty acid that can be commonly found in the cells of the human body. Alpha lipoic acid plays a very critical role in energy generation by converting glucose within the human body into energy, rather than fat. Therefore, ALA improves the ability to burn body fat. Several clinical studies and research have confirmed that ALA is also a powerful antioxidant, which repairs cell damage caused by free radicals and stops the aging process.

Chromium picolinate  : it is a trace element whose small amounts are necessary for insulin to use glucose. Chromium picolinate is also effective in treating chronic depression and significantly reduces cravings for foods that contain fats and carbohydrates, which makes it a valuable appetite suppressant.

Without a doubt, Keto Pro Plus is easily the most popular weight loss supplement available in the market right now. It is the legal version of phentermine weight loss pills without any of its negative side effects, making it the most powerful and safe fat burner produced to date. Its great popularity has led to the emergence of many unscrupulous elements that attempt to deceive innocent customers by selling fake versions of Keto Pro Plus. In such a situation, it is extremely important to understand and learn that you should  buy Keto Pro Plus  only from its official website. Do not waste your money on inferior products that are not the real Keto Pro Plus.

The Internet is packed with websites that claim to be reviewing and offering testimonials from the original Keto Pro Plus. These websites usually encourage you to  buy Keto Pro Plus  directly from them, instead of the official product website. Keep in mind that any website that convinces you to  buy Keto Pro Plus  directly from them is not selling you an authentic version of the famous weight loss supplement.

When you buy Keto Pro Plus directly from your manufacturer, you can take advantage of several benefits, such as the ability to track your order directly. This will help you understand the position of your order and when it will arrive at your door. The official website of Keto Pro Plus also offers excellent customer service that goes well beyond serving only the delivery of your order.

When you visit their official website to buy Keto Pro Plus, you will have the option to pay with your PayPal account or with any of your credit cards, including Discover, American Express, MasterCard or Visa. All credit card orders are processed through PayPal’s secure payment system to ensure your transaction is completely risk free.

How much does Keto Pro Plus buy?

The price Keto Pro Plus can buy depends on the type of package you choose. The official website offers three detailed options below:

You can buy Keto Pro Plus in a one-month supply bottle consisting of 30 tablets at a price of $ 69.95 or

You can also buy Keto Pro Plus in a two-month supply package that has 60 tablets at a cost of $ 138.90 or

If you  buy the  three-month Keto Pro Plus package   consisting of 90 tablets, you get 30 free tablets along with a complimentary Keto Pro Plus diet booklet, at an attractive price of $ 227.80. This is the most preferred and best value for money offer to buy Keto Pro Plus.

It is quite obvious that the larger the package you buy, the more time Keto Pro Plus will consume and the better the results you can get from it. However, the price you pay is cheaper.

When you buy Keto Pro Plus, how much does shipping cost?

When you buy Keto Pro Plus from its official website, your package will arrive in a very discreet manner, which means that no one (not even the dealer) will know what you ordered. Shipping is free if you buy Keto Pro Plus in a package of two months or more. The shipping cost is only charged if you buy a supply for one month, that is, if you buy a bottle of Keto Pro Plus.

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