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Fashion is all about expressing yourself, whether you are a woman or a man. Either you express yourself from what you wear and how you style yourself. Though there are a lot of ways to express yourself through fashion products but after your dress, the essential accessory is jewelry. And when it comes to jewelry, what is better than Gold.

Jewelry is made of different materials and metal, but gold is such a material that not only is a monetary asset, but it has always been in trend, and people are wearing it for centuries. It has been attached to royalty and prosperity. Even in this modern century, when people have a lot of options they could go for or accessorize themselves with; still, they prefer to wear gold accessories.

The accessory market is enormous, and there are uncountable accessory options that are available in gold. But neck accessories have always remained in fashion especially gold chains. 

Gold Chain For Men

Everyone loves to wear gold chains, whether we talk about men or women. However, the gold chains men wear tend to be slightly different. Generally, they are simpler in design as compared to women and are broader. But these features are totally customizable and depend upon personal taste.

You might have seen a lot of male celebrities wearing gold chains. A lot of people consider them a swag element to spice up their look. However, most men tend not to know a lot about fashion, and the internet doesn’t pay attention to men’s fashion as it does to women. So, today we are here with an article about Men’s gold chains.

Men gold chains come in different karats. The standard karat that you can find in the market is 24, 22, 21, 20, 18, 15, 14, and 10. The higher the karat is the more is the gold content in it and you could easily understand the fact that the more gold content in the chain, the higher the price of the chain will be.

However, not everyone can afford the huge price tag that comes with a 24k gold. So what’s the solution that doesn’t break your bank and still get you some swag? Its 14k gold chain for men. They are composed of 58.5 percent gold, and the prices of these chains are pretty much affordable.

So, if you want to find out more about a 14k gold chain for men, you have come to the right place. Read ahead to enlighten yourself about everything you need to know about a 14k gold chain necklace!

14K Gold Chain With Name

There are various ways to customize your 14k gold chain. One such way is to get your name on your gold chain. While giving an order for a 14K gold chain with your name on it, you have to specify the size of the chain. Most of the strings are made with alphabets up to eight, but it totally depends upon you. You can order customizable old chains online or get one with your name initial.

Personalized chains would make an excellent present for your loved ones too. For, e.g., you can get one of these chains for your husband, boyfriend, father, or brother.

Figaro 14k Gold Chain

The word Figaro comes from the Italian opera ‘The Marriage Of Figaro.’ The opera was popular when this chain became a trendy accessory to wear.

If you are wondering that how is a Figaro gold chain different from other chains, then it is just about the style. Figaro chains use a curb-styled chain that has flattened links. It has 2-3 round links followed by a single oval-shaped link.

It does not have a uniform length. Thus, you can get a Figaro 14k gold chain of a size of your choice. Have a look at this wonderful Kooljewelry Solid 14k Yellow Gold Filled 6 mm Figaro Chain Necklace available in 18, 20, 22, 24, or 30 inches.

14k Gold Chain Price

Are you wondering how much is a 14k gold chain worth? Well, this depends on several factors. Anything that uses more gold, whether it is a style, size, and dimension, tends to cost more. However, the most critical factor remains in size. If your chain is longer in width, it will cost you more.


Men’s gold chains come in a great variety of lengths. They can be anywhere between 14 and 30 inches (or even more). We can categorize the chain lengths as follows:

Chains measuring 14 – 18 inches: These chains are called “chokers.” A choker can tightly fit around your neckline or even let a little loose. It almost always shows above your shirt’s neckline. Due to this, it is easier to style with choker chains. Depending on their quality and length, these chains can cost you anything above $200. 

The most common length of chains that men usually wear is 20 to 30 inches. They can be worn inside your shirts as well as outside. You can use these chains for wearing a dog tag, pendants, etc. These chains cost around $300 or more. Sometimes these chains can even cost thousands of dollars.

10k Vs. 14k Gold Chain

Many people often find it tough to pick between 10K vs. 14K gold chains. If you are confused between the two as well, then read ahead to help yourself select the best one.

The karat number present on your chain shows the ratio of gold present in the item. Therefore, the major difference between the 10K vs. 14K gold chain is in the percentage of gold content present.

If we talk about 10k gold chain, it contains ten parts of pure gold along with 14 parts of other metals. These metals include copper, zinc, silver, tin, etc. However, the 14K gold chain necklace consists of more gold. It has 14 parts of gold coupled with ten parts of other metals.

Thus, if we look at it in terms of percentage, the 10K gold chain has around 41.7% gold, while a 14K gold chain has almost 58.5% pure gold. We all know that gold is a very soft metal. Thus any piece of jewelry that is made out of a higher content of gold tends to be softer and obviously, better quality.

Apart from being a fashionable piece of accessory, a 14k gold chain necklace also has benefits such as;

  • Some people are allergic to metals. Wearing a chain that is made out of low karat irritates your skin. The metal nickel present in chains is the leading cause of this allergic reaction. Many people are sensitive to nickel; therefore, getting 14K gold chains is a better option in such cases.
  • Secondly, if you want to wear a gold chain with more vibrant and brighter color, then you should get a 14K gold chain as well. This is because the 14K gold chain tends to have a strong yellow undertone. The more golden color is due to the high percentage of gold present in the chain.

14k Gold Chain Necklace Men’s – Ideas

There are several types and variations of the 14k gold chain for men that you can have for yourself or the man you fancy. We have discussed some below.

14k Gold Chain With Cross Men’s

These are chains that come with a cross to accessorize your look. These are mostly present in long chains to give the ‘bling’ look. Here is a charming The World Jewelry Center 14k Yellow Gold Crucifix Cross Pendant with 2mm Figaro Chain Necklace that you can wear.

14k Gold Chain With Pendant Men’s

These chains also add an extra touch of trend to your look. You can wear this to a night out with your boy gang. The pendant can be anything meaningful, like a ring with a significant date engraved on it. It can also be something basic like a simple studded dollar sign. Here is an excellent 14k Yellow Gold Religious Saint Christopher Medal Pendant.

14k Gold Chain Bracelet Men’s

You can pair your gold chains with a gold bracelet. These complete the look while also accompanying your bands or wristwatches. There are several styles available for gold chain bracelets. You can get a simple chain that is roped or has a Figaro style. Besides that, you can also get a bracelet that has charms on it. Here is a great choice with this 14k Yellow Gold Solid Cuban chain.

14k Gold Chain Men’s Cheap

There are several options for a cheap gold chain for men. This largely depends on the size and style of the chain you pick for yourself. Here is a killer choice with a diamond cut rope chain.

Summing Up

Buying a 14K gold chain for men is a good option if you are looking to add an extra bit of funky touch to your look. They also make an excellent present for your loved ones.

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