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There are many diet pills on the market today, and it is said that some such as Riteketo are aimed only at women. Clinical trials are scarce, the main ingredients are what you can expect to find in other similar products, but the claims are very high. We analyze this new weight loss pill and see if it is good.

What is it?

The first bad news we receive is that Riteketo is made by a company based in Utah. If you don’t know, this city is the capital of diet pill scams, with hundreds of companies that appear overnight and create a new product. The claims are in line with the location, as is the website. A brief look at the company’s website will show you the same feminine appearance, pink motifs and, of course, skinny bikini models. The claims are also surprisingly general, such as their ability to burn fat directly, which are safe, potent and that use a natural formula. They sound good, but where is the scientific support?

Main ingredients

The main ingredients could potentially save this, but unfortunately they don’t. The first ingredient we see is the popular Phytosome green tea. Among other ingredients are cromax, possibly in the form of chromium picolate, green coffee bean extract, CoQ10, vitamin D and probiotics. The amounts for each ingredient are, as expected, undefined, which leaves anyone guessing.

How does Riteketowork work?

Manufacturers are smart enough to make attractive claims about what their product can do, but they adhere to general properties and thus prevent someone from making holes in their advertising. If the immediate, safe, powerful and happy bowel and one pill per day are not enough for you, unfortunately, you will have to take the word of the manufacturers for granted. It  has been shown that  phytosome green tea  is somewhat effective in weight loss, but without exact amounts, there is no way to know.

Chromium products have undergone strict scrutiny by the scientific community, and more than 24 clinical trials involving a chromium intake of 200 to 1,000 mg per day have led the National Institute of Health to issue a statement and say There are no significant benefits of using it, especially related to fat loss and increased lean mass announced.

Side effects

There are few reliable testimonials about Riteketo, and with the lack of specific amounts in each tablet, it is difficult to tell about possible side effects. However, probiotics have been mentioned in the composition. These are friendly bacteria that should help with the intestinal tract, but in excess they can cause diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and other similar side effects.

Will it work for you?

With the lack of clinical trials and two of the main ingredients that are refuted or do not have a defined amount, it is likely that this diet pill does not work for you. You may not lose kilos, or not in the way you might think, taking into account the probiotics included.


Without scientific data supporting the exorbitant claims and prices of up to $ 150 for 3 bottles of tablets, Riteketo could be a significant waste of money, so you should probably look for a solution to lose weight.

Our recommendation

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