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Introducing Vibrant Enhanced Keto Nighttime Weight Loss Formula from Skinny Body Care.  Are you one of those people who can’t seem to remember to take diet pills or supplements each day?  I have always had difficulties arranging my schedule to take health supplements each day before my main meals. That is one of the reasons I love this new weight loss formula because all you need to do is take a tablespoon before bed each night and burn fat while you sleep!

What is Vibrant Enhanced Keto?

This new formula combines a variety of clinically proven ingredients to help you lose weight. I wanted to do an in-depth review of the ingredients in this nighttime formula to see exactly how it can help you burn fat and lose weight while you are sleeping.  Let’s look at all of the ingredients in this formula and the studies that suggest they can aid in weight loss management and maintenance.Vibrant Enhanced Keto-reviews

Collagen Hydrolyste is the main ingredient found in this formula. What you may not know is that collagen is a protein found within our bodies. It is actually the largest and most commonly found protein in our bodies.  As we age, we collagen production begins to decrease.

This leads to muscles and skin beginning to sag and the body becomes weaker as the joints are not as elastic as before.  By taking a collagen supplement like Vibrant Enhanced Keto, it promotes muscle toning, helps the body gain lean muscle, increases energy and can also help strengthen the bones and joints.  This is the perfect formula for any one over 40 years old who wants to both lose weight and also reverse the effects of aging.

How to take this formula:

This is different from other products by Skinny Body Care. Most weight loss products you need to take prior to eating and several times a day, but Vibrant Enhanced Keto is simple. All you need to do is take one tablespoon of the formula 3 hours after eating your last meal or snack of the day. In general, this will be right before you are going to bed. I like to keep a tablespoon measure and the bottle beside my bed on the nightstand to remember to take this each night.

How long does a bottle last?

One bottle of this formula lasts for 30 days.  You take one tablespoon each night 3 hours after eating and repeat this without fail each night of the week.  We recommend setting a nightly alarm to remind yourself. It is crucial that you don’t miss a dosage.  In the event that you do, do NOT take two doses the following night. Just continue to take one tablespoon as suggested.

Do I need to exercise for this product to work?

This product is meant to be a weight loss management aid and to help you throughout your weight loss progress.  It works best if combined with some light exercise but it is not essential. We recommend 20-30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week if possible. This formula is designed to help strengthen your bones and promote an increase an energy. All of these things will help you have a better workout and burn more calories and as a result, lose even more weight.

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